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HOW TO APPLY EYESHADOW - Juice FORMAT. Juice shadows, like our Color Tattoo Up To 24 Hr Longwear Juices Eyeshadow, are a newer, and more finger-friendly form of eye slick-on lightly and just require a bit of buffing into lids with a clean finger. You can layer them to build force, or stick with one light wash for a natural smooch of color. May 14,  · Make up tutorials are my fresh favorite! 18+ Not taking fresh requests at the moment. kong56 Respected Member Posts: Joined: Wed Dec 21, am. Top. Previous Page. Now apply a deeper shade of eyeshadow just on the outer corners of eyes and on the lower lash line for a "wrapped" effect. Blend in well. Jessica uses Voyager from the Nudes of Fresh York Eyeshadow Palette.

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